New Publication! Governments and Civil Society Advancing Climate Agendas

The study had a methodological framework that systematizes and analyzes best citizen engagement practices for the advancement of governments’ sustainability agendas.

Extractive Sector and Civil Society: When the work of communities, governments, and industries leads to development

How can governments, communities and industries use their diverse interests and needs to generate mutual benefits for all stakeholders


The Review of IDB Group and Civil Society Engagement Actions presents the initiatives, operations and activities of the IDB Group that involve Civil Society.

Three are better than one: Government, Civil Society, Private Sector. Joint efforts in Caribbean countries toward sustainable development

The Caribbean has promising resources and land, it is shocking to acknowledge that this region faces many development challenges that threat its magnificence and its sustainable development. This sour [...]

Public Consultations with Civil Society: Guidelines for Public and Private Executing Agencies

This publication is a strategic tool that aims at supporting both the Public and Private Sector in achieving a better engagement with the civil society in Latin American and the Caribbean as regards p [...]

IDB Group-Civil Society: Engagement Review 2014-2015

This publication highlights the work that the different IDB Group’s sectors, departments, divisions and units conduct with Civil Society through five levels of engagement: Information, dialogue, [...]